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This game is so, so wonderful!! I love it dearly. I told a beautiful story of a pair of mittens and their owners that was so touching I cried!

Such a wonderful game, please play if you get the chance!

rating: ★★★★★

Before getting a chance to play this game, I was immediately struck by how nice it looked. The layout is great and easy to follow, and the little art in it is very cute. In terms of the content, it is also very easy to follow, and lays the groundwork for a great game.

In practice, this game is really fun, very cute, and sometimes sad. My game involved two kids falling in love, an artistic grandmother passing away and giving her mittens to her grandchild, and a kid taking inspiration from his great grandmother to become an artist, all told through the life of the mitten. It was a wonderful experience, and fun to play with a friend.

There were a couple instances where the wording could be a little more precise to avoid confusion (is the five hole rule per mitten or for both mittens? are we both supposed to describe a pair of hands together or separately and take turns?), but quick decision making meant those small issues didn't hold back this game from being extremely fun to play. I highly recommend this game for anyone that wants to play a cute game with a friend or partner.