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You are Rowan. You are fat. Last time you knew your exact weight it was over 300 pounds, though that was over six months ago since you don’t make a point of using a scale. You have decided to spend today taking care of yourself.

You start by getting an early diner breakfast with a sweetheart that spent the night.

You and your special someone have a favorite place, where they know you and cook the best pancakes in town. You often find yourself here together after your more strenuous evenings together. The waiter brings you orange juice with your menus, and asks if you want the regular.

What is the most indulgent item of your regular order?

You nod and make small talk with them for a few moments about your plans for the day. While waiting for your food, your companion cozies up next to you in the booth.

How do they show their affection for you?

You exchange greetings with a few other patrons that recognize you. Your waiter brings you something extra that they prepared on accident. You share it with your partner and you both find it delicious.

What is it?

You finish your meal and bid adieu to your beloved. Perhaps you will see them again later.

I am fat and I am loved.

I am fat and I invest in my heart.

Fat Self Care is a solo journaling game where you play Rowan, a fat person, as they go through a day of fun and fulfilling activities. At each point during the day, you will have several choices of which activity you want to do next, and each activity will provide several questions for you to shape Rowan's inner life, relationships, and self-image. Each activity ends with two affirmations - reclaiming the word fat and giving you and Rowan a truth that is commonly denied to fat people. It is a collection of 23 scenarios written by 11 self-identified fat writers, with cover art by fabulous artist Jess Lome.

Fat Self Care: Volume 1 was originally funded on Kickstarter in 2021 for Zine Quest 3. You can view the original campaign with more information here.

Tabletop Hotdish is owned and run by Aven and Adam McConnaughey, who both wrote scenarios for this zine. Aven did the game design and layout and Adam did content and copy editing. The other writers for Volume 1 are:

Aura Belle, Ash Cheshire, Ken Davidson, Cat McDonald, Ziva McPherson, Olivia Montoya, Jessie Rainbow, Eva Schiffer, and Molua Young.

Fat Self Care takes about an hour to play, and requires a copy of the text and some way to copy down your answers and affirmations.

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